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Pune FOSS User Group promoting FOSS since last 10+ years

The Pune FOSS User Group has been actively involved in promoting Free and Open Source Software for over 10 years. Our group consists of a collective effort of Free Software users, advocates, and developers who collaborate to maintain infrastructure for everyone that respects their freedom and privacy.

We organize events and talks on Open Source and raise awareness about its importance. Our efforts are focused on promoting the significance of FOSS among students, software professionals, and researchers, and showing them how they can use Open Source in their day-to-day lives.

During our events and talks on FOSS, we emphasize the importance of privacy and educate participants about how they can protect their privacy while using technology. We strongly believe in the power of FOSS in creating a better and more open world, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to promote and spread awareness about it.

Linux Users
Experienced Professionals
Variety of Domain Knowledge
Advocates of Privacy

We Are Here to Spread OpenSource Awareness

Linux Users

Our team is highly proficient in the Linux operating system, with extensive experience and expertise in its usage and administration.

Variety of Domain Knowledge

Our team comprises individuals from diverse domains, collectively contributing their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Experienced Professionals

We are a group of highly experienced professionals from diverse domains, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Advocates of Privacy

We strive to increase awareness about privacy among students, educators, professionals, and the wider public.

Latest OpenSource Activities Organised

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PFUG Team 28 Feb, 01 March 2023

Science Day 2023

We have been celebrating National Science Day at GMRT for the past 11 years, and this year marks the 11th event in this series, featuring various FOSS activities.

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Akshat Singh July, 2022

My expedition of Podman with Debian

An introductory session on Podman during DebConf22, held in Prizren, Kosovo.

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PFUG Team 28 Feb, 01 March, 2019

Promotion of FOSS during Science Day

We have had the opportunity to showcase the importance of Open Source software to approximately 20,000 students, teachers, researchers, software professionals, and other enthusiasts who visit the exhibition from in and around Pune on the occasion of Science Day. Our focus during this event is to spread awareness of Open Source software as per their requirements.

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