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Rasing awareness of OpenSource and Privacy among students, teachers, software professionals and researchers

Promotion of FOSS

We are actively involved in the promotion of Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) such as Debian, Raspbian on Raspberry Pi, CentOS, Diaspora (an alternative social media platform based on FOSS principles), Moodle, git, trac, LaTeX, Emacs, and many more.

Conducting workshops in schools and colleges

We conduct workshops and talks on various computing topics in schools and colleges across India.

Debian packaging

Debian packaging for both Debian and Debian Blends

Organising FOSS Events

Our organization focuses on organizing FOSS events, promoting OpenSource software, and raising awareness about its philosophy among students, teachers, software professionals, and researchers.

Facilitating computing to underprivileged

We facilitate computer education in municipal schools and other non-profit organizations working towards the upliftment of women and children who do not have access to computing due to financial constraints.

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